MAC @ BAC Art Exhibition

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April 2nd was the annual MAC@BAC Exhibition that showcases the most successful work from the students attending Miami Arts Charter. I had the privilege, along with other classmates, to photograph the event and its many artists. The exhibition was great and I had the chance to practice Event Photography. I’m glad with the results and I hope to be signed up for more.


Personality Photoshoot

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A couple weeks ago, I had the oppurtunity to photograph my two closest friends. They’ve been bothering me about it for so long and I thought it’d be a nice way to practice my portrait photography. We went out to the beach, had some daquiris and had lots of fun doing this photoshoot. I’m proud of the results and i’m happy to have had the ability to make them feel the same way.

Procrastination Vs. Passion


Still Life #3-  This still life is about the choices I face everyday. The decision of my daily distractions or my passion for art-making. Using the Lighting Technique learned in class, I took multiple shots with lighting different areas and combined them using photoshop. I specifically liked this lighting because its high contrast makes a huge dramatic effect and the piece wouldnt have been as successful without it.  The process was challenging but I am very proud with the end product.

In a Broken Society

Still Life #2-  This Still Life started off of how mirrors affect our emotions through different views. I started creating several beings out of my little brother’s Play-Doh and experimented with different colors and faces to show different emotions. I found a box of broken mirrors in my teachers “Closet filled with Wonders” and started from there. As i made the beings and started laying out the compositions, I made this one being with such a face of grief and a wonder of where things went wrong. He became the main subject of the shots that were taken and slowly changed the whole concept of my piece. After the process, my new concept came together.  I saw a grown man looking into a broken society wondering where it all went wrong. The colors yellow and white in the background representing corruption in what once was inoccent and the pink being showing the lack of willpower.  I used the excess PlayDoh to keep the mirrors standing and incorporated a few of the other beings I made for the photo. The process was fun and enjoyed revisiting the process with PlayDoh.

We are all just Children, Looking for a Reason

StillLife1            StillLife1(2)

Still Life #1-  This project started as an idea coming from a quote told by Theo Jansen in a video explaining his process. “Maybe at the end of my life, I will know it all… But at that moment I will die and can’t tell you…” The way I interpreted this message was how we all try to reach this impossible point of knowledge, crawling and breaking apart, to a point of death. The more we learn grows the possibility of knowing it all but when that peak is reached we’ve wasted ourselves and in a sense, we’re all dead. The point of living is growing and learning through every step of our lives as it comes but now a days, like teenagers, we want to jump ahead and know it all. This piece later translated to an idea told in a Kurt Vonnegut book, ” Slaughter-House Five” also known as ” The Children’s Crusade”,  where the author relates grown soldiers to children. Babies throwing themselves into the unknown and losing oppurtunity. To connect the piece to the book, I involved the colors Blue and Yellow showing cowardice in simple minds.

New Kind of Light Painting

For a future still life ptoject, our teachers showed us a new light painting technique. Besides making figures and shapes with light, we paint highlights on different areas of the subject while the shutter is open for about 15 seconds. We combine the different lightings on Photoshop and come out with a beautiful piece. We will be assigned to do a StillLife using this same technique and I hope it comes out great.